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10 Common Lies Women Tell Men That Every Guy Should Know

We will do anything for love even if that means telling what we might come to regard as harmless, white lies. In any relationship, lies are a dime a dozen. Guys fib and ladies do too. No side can lay claim to being a saint. But our motivations for lying differ. They might range from not wanting to give offense to our significant other upon being asked for our opinion on something rather sensitive, to keeping the darker details of our previous turbulent life away from our partner or in some cases to mask what we might be feeling for someone else besides our partner. The list goes on. For now, we’ll tuning the lie radar to the ladies to pick on the common lies they tell men. We’ll be back to the guy’s another day.

1) I Don’t Care About Money.

It’s expensive to maintain a woman

Money is of value for what it buys, and in love it buys time, place, intimacy, comfort and a private corner alone. – Mae West.

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Most women will be under the pretext that money doesn’t mean anything for them and on your first date, they might even offer to go dutch on the restaurant bill. If a lady pays for her own meal or a guy’s, she might hold that against him. The other day, a lady on Quora put the question to everyone if it was okay to still go out with a guy who made her pay for their meal on their first date (she thought the guy was terrible) and everyone told her not to for his ungentlemanly conduct. Ladies often feel they have a right to be Maintained and no matter how much love they professes to a guy, you must have the money to match, otherwise her love will turn sour and then she might hop in with the next well-off guy who comes knocking on her door. They will expect you to get them a gift for Val that will have their peers wowing, but if you fail (because she told you she wouldn’t care so much) then she is going to rain fire and brimstone. For a lady, the size of a guys bank account is as real an indication of how capable he is to take care of her. You’ll have to buy her the latest accessories and clothes to wear.

(2) I Don’t Have A Boyfriend

Unless a single lady had just gone through a break-up, it’s hard to see how there can’t be a man in her life. Ladies who tell men they don’t have boyfriends want to give men the dignifying impression that they are chaste and innocent and to get a guys respect (and to lure you into thinking she’s had less sleeping partners). So if you are a guy courting for a lady’s attention, you have to understand that there might be about half a dozen other’s jostling for the same thing. You aren’t the only one, and you won’t probably be the last, just don’t allow them fool you.

(3) I’M Not Mad At You

Women do have their book of offenses where they might come to record all of a guy’s screw-ups. Little things do get to them, though they might try to downplay this with an occasional “I’m not mad at you” you have to know she’s still upset deep down. Miss her birthday, forget to get her something on Valentines and your offenses will just keep building up inside her until the day she when decides she’s had enough and lets everything out (and trust me, they can drown you in it). Women want men to exhibit an intuitive understanding of the woman’s real needs and figure out what’s behind the façade. So if you do anything to rile her up, quickly find out why she’s upset and offer her a sincere, heartfelt apology and ensure there’s no repeat.

(4) I’m Not The Type To Be Jealous

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This is one of the easiest lies women tell that any sensible guy could quickly pick up on. Truth be told, ladies are attention-seekers in general so when a lady sees her man talking to another lady, she gets suspicious and it eats her up on the inside (What could they be talking about?) and she would no doubt feel the rage of jealously brimming inside her. She has to tell you she’s not the type to get jealous so she doesn’t appear clingy or possessive. Truth is, when a lady is dating a guy, she wants to grab all his attention but whenever she sees him with anyone else in skirts, she feels threatened and nearly has a heart attack. She might feel just the same hearing her date bring up his ex’s name during a conversation.

(5) You Deserve Someone Better.

This a defensive statement girls often bandy when they are about to break up with a guy but don’t want to hurt his feelings. So they act nice, hoping the guy will still be fond of them for being rather nice about the damn thing. They might follow this up with something like; “can we remain friends” only for them to hook up with another guy barely a month after breaking up with the guy.

(6) I’m Not Ready For A Relationship Now.

Not all women who say this are actual fibsters. Some do mean it though, normally because they’ve just left a sore relationship and want to take some time off away from the dating scene in order to fully recuperate from the shock of ending their previous relationship. But for the other set of ladies who say this otherwise than on the basis of just having ended a bad relationship, they play this hard to get game so they don’t appear too cheap and needy by saying “yes” on a guy’s first approach (when in fact they might have been attracted to the guy). The point is, as a general rule, an “I’m not ready” response from a lady you just approach is in no way a definitive sign of rejection but might mean that the lady wants a guy to try harder.

(7) You Did Great

Well since there’s that caveat about not saying something risqué about intimacy that my mum might come by here, I’m going to try to be less graphical and vivid about this one. Women do exaggerate their bedroom experience with the guy they have been intimate with in order to boost his ego by telling him they were fully satisfied with his overall performance in bed whereas they weren’t in actual fact.

(8) I Am Almost Ready.

If while you are impatiently waiting for a lady, she tells you she’s almost ready or will be you in another minute, a guy should translate that to mean “I’ll be ready in another hour” because she has yet to do her hair, iron her clothes, have a shower and make up.

(9) I Don’t Care About Her, She’s In Your Past


Ladies do have a certain hang up about their BF’s immediate ex who they might still regard as something of a threat and would keep tabs on their man for any sign of lingering chemistry. A recent Facebook like, comment, or share by her man of his ex’s photo might be interpreted to mean that he still hasn’t gotten over her and this could gnaw at her for weeks on end.

(10) Oh, He’s Just A Friend.

If she says that, and the other person happens to be a guy, you have to really watch out. There might be more to what she’s actually telling you, like something a bit more on the romantic side of things. He might be More Than A Friend.

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