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11 Fun Things You Can Do To Be More Creative And Productive When Bored At Home.


As much as I like to be upbeat about life in general, boredom in life is one event that is inescapable but while that is an undeniable truth, we can however outrun it. Life itself is a 24-hour vacuum needing to be filled every day but what we do with it is entirely our responsibility and a determinant of our fulfillment in life. In the movie Passengers, set in the space ship Avalon journeying through outer space to a new planet with over 5,000 colonists, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) awakes 90 years early, realizes he’s alone  and unable to find fun things to do around, he grows despondent and contemplates suicide. The movie is often a painful reflection of what it’s like to face boredom in life. You go to bed excited one night and then you wake up an hour earlier the next day stuck in a recurring time loop like in Tom Cruise’s Edge Of Tomorrow devoid of ideas and interest. Time comes to standstill and horror of horrors, your mind goes blank on finding a way out of this rout. Sucks, I know but boredom is something everyone has had to deal with at one time or the other and here in this post, I’d be sharing with you the 11 fun things you can do to be more creative and productive with your time when you’re bored at home.

(1) Work On Your Skills.

Boredom isn’t the worst thing in the world, in fact it was exactly during these uneventful moments when time seems to stand still that most of the world’s renown pioneers and inventors have had their eureka moment’s. During boredom, we are cut off from routine distractions and this allows us to focus better, think clearly, understand deeper and often come up with outstanding ideas that we might not have thought of at other times. You too can turn those recurring bland moments into productive moments rather than just trying to “kill time”. If you have a growth mindset (which you do since you are reading this) then you can try to work on your skills at these periods to appear way cooler and fascinating to your peers. It can be your writing, cooking, housekeeping and social skills or if you are teenager, any one of the skills expected of a teenager.

(2) Get On The Internet

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Never underestimate the power and value of the internet today. The web houses untold wealth of fascinating resources enough to keep you enthralled for an entire lifetime and beyond. So you could indulge yourself to some of the internet’s riches to while away time during boredom. You can subscribe to digest news via RSS to stay current on the very latest around the world, or watch lots of interesting and amazing videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. You might also want to visit some of the best websites on the internet for more. Take a look at Times 50 Websites That Make the Web Great

(3) Find Answers For Whatever Questions Bothering You

I’m sure you have important questions of your own you want answers for. Well, the internet is here and you don’t have to travel miles to have them answered. There are about a dozen websites with knowledgeable users waiting to provide answers to your most difficult questions (and even the ridiculous ones). And if you don’t have any, then you might want sign up with them and apply whatever knowledge you have in answering those of others. We’ve got Yahoo! Answers, Blurt It, WikiAnswers, FunAdvice, Askville, Answer Bank, and Quora amongst others. That’s as good as it gets.

(4) Read A Great Book.

In times of boredom, the world of books can hold you spellbound so that you don’t notice time as it gets by. It’s little wonder then when Robert Louis Stevenson described books as “a mighty bloodless substitute for life”. If books can be larger-than-life, then boredom won’t be a good match! Pick up a copy of the latest thriller book and you won’t be able to put it down – See ya in La-La Land! But who says you have to go a bookstore? You can find recommendations of trending books to read just by visiting online book review sites like Goodreads, The New York Times, and AllReaders.com to boot.

(5) Learn A New Dance Move

Have you ever felt gutted at been unable to string the least dance move with your friends at a popular party when everyone was really in the party spirit but you just stood on the dance floor motionless like a real jerk. Sure you don’t have to force yourself into being a party person but you can eliminate all that party awkwardness and drive your likability through the roof simply by learning a few dance moves in those boring spare moments. Psy’s Gang Nam Style has been a real hit for even non-party goers and the fact that it’s the most watched on YouTube at 2.2 billion views says a lot about its strong popularity with the present age. So you can look up that video and try to practice the moves.

(6)   Take An Online Course

Taking an online course in your spare time can be a good way to turn those lifeless and depressing moments into moments of worthwhile creativity. You can take any online course in whatever topic that piques your interest. If your goal is to be bilingual (which is one of the unusual ways to be become smarter according to science), then there are diverse places online you can do that for free. Duolingo, openculture, and coursera a just a few to start with. And if are you looking to learn other stuff besides languages, then there are other online courses on topics like coding, and cooking et al.

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(7) Start Working Out

Being a guy, there’s a certain pride that comes from having bigger biceps or having six-packs – all ideal features that would make any guy quite a catch for any lady by 21st century standards. But if your goal for working out isn’t to appear more attractive to the opposite sex, then you might still want to work out for the sake of your health and personal wellbeing. It can boost your self-image, increase confidence and improve your overall health. You don’t need the gym to do all this, it begins with just a few pushups and situp’s whenever there’s enough time in your hands to kill.

  (8) Make A Collage

Making a collage can be a good way to jazz up your routine by bringing together pieces of interesting events in your life. You can use almost anything for your collage, including chart papers, newspaper clippings, and pictures of the most important people in your life and then hang them in your room as a memento of your time together.

(9) Play Video Games

At surface level, playing video games to while away time might seem like an activity that hardly offers any more benefits beyond entertainment. But it certainly has other scientifically proven benefits some of which includes; increased brain activity, quicker reflexes, and better decision making amongst others. So playing video games is not something done to pass to time, it’s you becoming productive. And with the explosion of technology today, there are more video games than you can play. The Legend of Zelda is riveting, Pro Evolution Soccer is positively addictive, and you can’t beat Warner Bros’ Injustice (Gods Among Us) for a fighting game. And don’t forget Uncharted 4. With video games, life just gets better and better.

(10) Decorate Your Home

We sometimes feel jaded from having to go through the same routine or been stuck in one scenery far longer than we could bear. I feel exactly this same way constantly using one picture as my PC wallpaper. After the first month, a dreaded sense of boredom overwhelms me to the point where in a desperate attempt, I’m forced to my change my PC background. Now I have enough background pictures to make myself a picture slide show. In the same way, decorating your home can help freshen things up a bit and give quite a lift to the mood around the house. And you don’t need an interior designer to do that – it’s one of those DIY projects. For more on DIY projects to do around the house, do take a look at BoredPanda’s 20 Creative DIY Project Ideas.

(10) Listen to Music

Music provides succor in times of boredom, calms the nerves, and lightens up the mood. Whenever we are on planet music, time flies faster rather than standing still and we rarely take notice. Why? Because we are too dead to the world enjoying our favorite song and humming the lyrics. And let’s not forget music the Mozart effect, a condition created only by listening to music leading to improvement in one’s spatial reasoning.

(11) Play A Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument can keep you company and help you escape whatever rout you’re in at home. The guitar should be ideal for any beginner and while you might not be a virtuoso player, any ability to strum down strings will do just fine.


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