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10 Unusual Businesses You Can Start With No Money (To Be Rich)

These Businesses Don't Cost You Any money To Start


I can’t think of anything more that is a bigger roadblock to prospective entrepreneurs or working people looking to make the jump from employee to employer than money or the lack of it.

In starting a businesses, there’s always that element of risk, no doubt, but what prospective entrepreneurs really struggle with is getting the needed seed money to get their ideas to a flying start. Nearly every business today requires a stake of some sort to finance the early-stage expense of running the business from scratch (there are operating and overhead costs). Sometimes, we rely on family and friends for monetary support but even they too can fail us. And if we decide to turn to the banks, angel investors and venture capitalists, there are several evaluation tests our ideas are required to pass before we can get the necessary funding to kick start our desired venture – and that is the real downer for any fund-seeking entrepreneur and perhaps the reason why there’s such a dearth of “wantrepreneurs”. But since no one can keep a good man down, and by extension, a keen entrepreneur like yourself, there won’t be anything to stop you from launching your own venture – not the lack of support from family, nor the lack of money or the inaccessibility of investors.

So the good news is, there actually a couple of businesses you can start Without Money and by that, I mean, businesses that require little or no capital and that you can afford (using your snack money). You will obviously need a negligible amount of money to set up shop and pay a few bills. Here are a few of them.

(1) Start A Catering Business

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Menu of life


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Amid the incessant recession plaguing industries globally, the food industry seems to be the only exception to the rule, with the global fast food market expected to be worth US$617.6billion by 2019. So if you are foodie, there’s no better time to start a restaurant or catering business. You won’t need to worry about finding the money to rent a shop. You can bake cookies, snacks, and prepare meals and deliver them at parties, weddings, offices and businesses around your locality. You can do all this right out of your kitchen.

(2) Hold Cooking Classes

Besides running a catering or restaurant business, you can also start a tutoring business devoted to teaching amateur food enthusiasts the art and science of cooking or food preparation with practical experience in the kitchen. You can then charge participants for your impartation.

(3) Work As An Interior Decorator

While interior designing requires formal training for qualification, interior decorating does not. So what kind of skills do you need to work as an interior decorator? A flair for the aesthetics, style and colors. Interior decorators work with individuals and businesses to arrange and decorate homes and offices using furniture, accessories, color schemes, fixtures and artwork. The work of an interior decorator is best captured by apartmenttherapy in the following words “to capture the personality and style of residents and express it in their space”. You don’t need any sort of start-up capital to work as an interior decorator.


(4) Work As A Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is just another business opportunity that seems to require more computer skills than start-up capital – All you need is just a standard PC, basic computer skills and a stockpile of creativity. It also happens to be one of the fields that rarely requires a formal degree as qualification plus, there are tons of specialty areas like multimedia developer, content developer, web designer and much more. To work as a graphic designer, you need to be au fait with the Adobe creative suit, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, mostly software’s you can learn about on your own by watching how-to videos online. You also get to do video editing, create animations, 3D work, logos and websites. You can unlock your inner creativity reading books like Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats (recommended by Udemy)

 (5) Start A Home Daycare

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Parenting in the 21st century is more challenging than ever especially given the need by couples to have more extra working hours to make enough money to send the kids to the best of schools, have an exotic family vacation and give the kids a better shot at life. This could well mean spending less time with the kids during the day (or giving them more of their presents than presence). So if you are really into kids, then starting a daycare might be right up your street. And if you are already a mom, so much the better (it says a lot about your experience with kids). Home day care businesses are highly sought after today because they offer more personalized services to each kid. Starting from home means you won’t have to bother with rent bills.


(6)  Make And Sell Custom Jewelry And Beads

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Custom Jewelry

Are you creative, imaginative and skilled in crafts? Then working as a custom jeweler or bead maker might work for you. You can make custom jewelry using stones, exotic hardwoods, beads, metals and ceramics and sell to art galleries, gift shops, jewelry outlets and other e-commerce websites like etsy.com, bonanza.com, Artfire.com, iCraftGifts and others. Don’t also forget to make custom necklaces. There are tons of online videos teaching people about making custom jewelry and they are accessible to anyone who shares that interest.

(7) Start An eBay Business

You can start an eBay business with a little start-up capital, even lesser than £50. EBay is one e-commerce website where anyone can list items for sale or buy some at a discount and resell right there for a profit. You can buy off old, unwanted, and undervalued items from people in your neighborhood and list them for sale on eBay at a much higher price. You can deal on clothing, handbags, accessories, tablets, sports equipment, mobile phones and much more. You can buy tech in need of repairs, fix them and sell them as refurbished products. You can do all of this just by opening an eBay seller account today.

(8) Travel Booking Service Provider

Photo Credits: Pixabay

If you have a passion for traveling (it’s a plus too if you are well-traveled) you can start your own home-based travel agency without needing to rent a traditional brick and mortar office apartment. This keeps overhead costs low and guarantees higher profits. And with the internet at your disposal you can help client’s book flights to any destination in the world at a commission from the airlines. You can also suggest exotic destinations that might be appealing to adventure seeking clients or hook them up with local businesses that offer touring services. But if you don’t have much experience about travel, you can find a host agency that can offer you their IATA number while you get to split the commissions. A travel booking business requires little or no start-up capital and you could get started from home with just a PC, quality printer, a desk and a filing cabinet. It’s that cheap!

(9) Work As A Personal Trainer

Photo Credits: PIxabay
Personal Trainer

Neglecting our health is one of the things amongst the list of habits that can ruin people in the long-run. So while a lot us want to avoid this fate by working out more to stay fitter, it’s just hard sometimes finding the discipline to work out on own. And this is where the fitness coaches can come in to hold us accountable and lead us through different workout routines. So if you are a habitué of the gym, you can start your own personal training business from home at little or no cost.

(10) Provide Personalized Paparazzi Service

Photo Credits; Pixabay
Personal Paparazzi

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that can have paparazzi all around them, and if you are into photography, you can start a business that offers personalized paparazzi service to individuals who want to have the ultimate celebrity experience even for a day. It can be for birthdays, parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties or any other event that requires the star treatment. You could also freelance for companies like Celeb 4 A Day or build your own client list.  You’ll of course need a quality camera and a good photo editing software to start.

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