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10 Uplifting Ways To Pick Yourself Up During Tough Times

The best of tips to find meaning in life even when you can't take it anymore


One of the down sides of living in a world beyond our control is that sometimes, things may not always turn out the way we want. And if we are not having to deal with sudden disappointments, we may find ourselves coming to terms with a strange turn of cataclysmic events that could rock our world off its axis. And life doesn’t get much worse than that.  It’s a cruel world, as most of us already know.

As much as we’d like to think positive and expect things to just fall into place, at times, things can quite fall apart. By its very nature, life can often be a halfway house between fleeting moments of bliss and spells of gut-wrenching mishaps. So while a happy life isn’t altogether a pipe dream for you, difficulties are assured plenty. Whether that’s getting axed at your workplace, dealing with a breakup, losing a loved one, or coping with hard times in general.

The key to surviving these unavoidably difficult moments of life is being in high spirits, hanging tough until things eventually pick up again. Having said that, it appears not very many of us are in the know about outlasting the tough times of life.

Recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates global rate of suicide at approximately one million each year. That represents one death every 40 seconds. In 2009, it was the second leading cause of death in US. for those between ages 15 to 34. No one would disagree that the grim and ever-increasing rates of suicides in our societies today occur mostly when victims are undergoing hardships of some kind.

Sadly, these senseless deaths could have been avoided if they knew how to get over their depression rather than hitting the self-destruct button.  In this regard, it might help if we talked about how you could get a hold of yourself when tough times hit. If it seems like your life is falling apart, here are 10 uplifting things you should do to pick yourself up.

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(1) Explore Your Faith In Difficult Times.

You might not want to end up being just another religious zealot but in difficult times it might be immensely helpful to put your faith in something higher. It may be God, fate or something else. Sometimes having faith in a higher power can give you all the strength you need to keep going in adversity.

Even Superman, the embodiment of raw strength had his own fortress of solitude where he could talk things over with Jor-El when all seemed to be falling apart for him. You see, even the Man of Steel knew he couldn’t go it alone at times, and wasn’t afraid to trust in something outside of himself.

A lot of people have been through difficult times and kept a firm grip on hope just by believing in a benevolent power higher than them. Everyone’s wants to have a miracle but only diehard believers actually do. You too need that.

(2) Write Your Worries Down

I can shake of everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn. Anne Frank

In challenging and trying times, our minds can often be a battleground of despairing thoughts and stifling emotions building up inside us, waiting to explode. So it might seem rather tempting to hold everything in and expect the sadness to disappear.

But in truth, there will be no respite from whatever pain you’re going through if you don’t give your worries and fears vent. You could go really stir-crazy there if you don’t find a way to let go of your mood bashing and toxic thoughts. One of the ways to do this is to write down the things depressing you on a paper.

For many, this is regarded as journaling. During hard times, you’ll find so much more relief when you can actually get to give your sorrows and worries expression in writing. You can write about your feelings, disappointments, regrets, and fears. In doing this, you’ll find relief from any pain and the courage to forge ahead with life.

(3) Go Sit by the Beach or Seaside

The idea of being by the ocean for many readily evokes reactions of fright and concerns of life-threatening proportions. These are all well-founded concerns to be sure, especially given the near-universal toxicity of seawater due to pollution, the threat of storms and floods it poses and the evident cancerous risk excessive exposure to sunlight exposes beach goers.

But just like most things in life, these are just a flip side to being by the ocean. Recent studies are proving that the ocean has far more therapeutic and transformational benefits than any risk it poses. And you can catch in on it if you’re terribly shaken from any bad experience.

The sight of crashing waves, sunlight streaming through cloudless skies and vast stretches of sands joining the horizon, together in flawless harmony and with such blinding scenery provide the ideal conditions for healing and rejuvenation of any battered life. And even if yours doesn’t answer to my extreme description, you stand to gain no less paying the seaside a visit.

Being by the seaside could work incredible wonders in your life. The seaside offers a peaceful and restorative scenery that could help your mind unplug from the pain of a difficult event. It fosters a sense of calm, satisfaction and clarity, and aids insight, sends the mind into a deeply meditative state which heals up what’s broken.

Next time you are hit by adversities, go relax by the beach, taking in the scenery and give your life a facelift. Ideally, it’s also the place to solve the puzzles of your life.

 (4)  Volunteer to Help Others

When you are down the lone dark alley of life with a truck load of difficulties no one would touch with a bargepole. You’re ever likely going to think that your problems are unique. That no one else has them and this could lead you to more self-pity and ruin your chances of finding a way out.

To avoid going that path, get in touch with your humanity and offer to help others in real distress. Volunteering during hard times is so much soothing and uplifting because in helping others, you’d come to realize that you aren’t the only one with problems. And by offering to help others, you’d regain your bearings and find something worth living for again. I

n a wider sense, it’s also a means of escapism as it helps take our attention off the source of our unhappiness when we focus on helping those in need. To say nothing of the fact that helping others fosters a sense of compassion in the heart and this might come back around to work in your favor.

It’s natural then, that when we have empathy for others in distress, we’d also be moved to have compassion on ourselves. You can start by offering help to any orphanage near you.

(5) Read Inspiring Quotes

You’ll find reading inspiring quotes during your down moments both invigorating and inspiring. Quotes can often come from the most experienced of persons who have made it through similar difficulties as yours and in them, you might find nuggets of wisdom to cheer you up and strengthen your resolve.

The best quotes can pick you up, rekindle a newfound hope in you and get you going as you grapple with the harsh realities of your life. You could even hang onto them in hard times, as a drowning man might cling to a lifeline and stay afloat. The Goodreads and Brainyquote both have a vast collection of inspiring quotes you can read from on just about any topic in life.

(6) Read Jokes and Watch Funny Videos.

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It doesn’t matter what life has handed you, the day you let it rob you of your joy, you’re done for. Laughter can cushion the impact of a bad situation. It lifts the mood, zaps pain and drives away the shadows of depression in your life.

It has been shown that laughter leads to the reduction in stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. When laughing it also triggers the brain to release endorphins that can relieve some physical pain. It’s so important for me that even if it were contraband, I’d smuggle it. No day goes by in life when I don’t crack a joke that gets me laughing.

Whenever you are down, reach out to your phone and head for YouTube’s funny videos. And if that isn’t enough, then go read up the funniest of jokes from around the web. There’re lots of Auntyacid jokes around the web to help crack your ribs. Jokes inspire laughter acting as a relief from shock or pain.

(7) Listen to Upbeat Music

Music can be your perfect getaway from the distressing troubles of life. The upbeat ones are just as effective as reading inspiring quotes to get you through any distress. It’s both calming and soothing in difficult times to listen to songs that relate to our story. I’m awestruck at how songs can be so in tune with our reality.

Whenever I get to listen to certain songs, it feels almost as if it’s my life story that’s been told. In this way, they can be so touching and comforting to listen to. Imagine when you have an entire playlist of those? Their inspiring melodies would resound in the deep of your soul driving away pain and sadness and getting you all fired up to live through the worst of ordeals. And the Psychologist’s support me on this. Research says music has both therapeutic and mood boosting benefits.

According to a 2013 study, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, it was found that people who listened to positive music could improve their moods and boost their happiness in just two weeks. After listening participants were more optimistic, joyful, friendly, relaxed and calm. You can listen to any genre of music, whether rock/pop, soft rock/easy listening, oldies, classical, or new-age music and still get the same results. And if you don’t have any in mind, I can help you suggest a few I listen to.

You’ll love Britt Nicole’s “Feel The Light”, “Sun Is Rising”, the Mike Chair’s “A Beautiful Life”, Super Chicks “Go One More” or “Beauty From Pain”, Ever Founds “Never Beyond Repair” and Francesca Battistelli’s “Angel by Your Side” and Stars Go Dim’s “You’re Loved”. You can add up Susan Ashton’s “You Move Me” Maria Carey’s “Hero”, Lighthouse Family’s “Lifted” and Whitney Houston’s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” for good measure.

(8) Be Around friends

Real Friends will stick by you come what may.

Depression goes with difficult times and when anyone is in that state, they can often feel lonesome and detached from everyone else. This is where things can get pretty ugly. Whenever suffering people are by themselves without a shoulder to lean on, their thoughts can grow much darker and frightening and sink them further down into despair. And the lonelier they get, the more likely it is they might do something that would endanger their lives.

To avoid putting your life in harm’s way at such moments, try not to go it alone. You need to fall back on your support system of friends and relatives. Don’t ever feel you’d be bothering others being around them when you’re going through challenges. Instead, reach out to trusted friends, family members and feel free to confide in them.

No real friend would turn you away in your moment of need. No way! They can in fact act as your burden bearers and help lighten the weight of your problems as you let them in on it. Moods are contagious and the more you’re surrounded by positive and loving friends and family members, the more your sullen mood will lighten up.

Friends could even give you encouragement and all the loving you need whenever you are down. Don’t shut them out of your life.

(9) Reflect On The Positives.

Count your blessing not your problems

Every Negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or great benefit. Napoleon Hill

Instruments do not become sharp on soap rock. It is difficulties that make men invincible…

Two men look out through the same bars. One sees the mud, one the stars. Frederick Lanbridge

Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together. Marilyn Monroe

When you are at your lowest ebb resist the urge to dwell on the negatives in your life. Thinking this way would just pile on the pressure and it’d never let up. Whenever your life has hit a rough patch, try to develop a positive attitude by looking on the bright side.

Don’t we say every cloud has a silver lining? I’d like to think things happen for a reason and there’s always a lesson to be learnt. But of course, not everyone would share this view. But even that doesn’t change the fact that the attitude of dwelling on the benefits of an otherwise unpleasant situation would do us far more good than if it were otherwise.

Cultivating a habit like this would help you learn from your mistakes and move on, whereas the reverse would cause more agony and you’d never recover fully. In your periods of struggling, focus more on what is working for you than what isn’t. Whatever the trouble you’re facing, find something to be thankful for.

Approach each bad event as a learning experience and look at the takeaways. Always ask yourself “What can I learn from this situation?” Some things happen in life to teach us important lessons to help us avoid future mistakes that would have cost us far more.

When a friend of mine who was too trusting of everyone had his idea stolen by a stranger he confided in, life taught him the lesson that “You don’t give anyone your trust unless they’ve earned it”. He didn’t beat himself up for putting blind trust in strangers. He in fact appreciates that it happened so he could learn one of life’s most important lessons.

Likewise, learn from every bad event and never let it influence you negatively. If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.

(10) Get Yourself A Gift.

Most times the ordeals we go through in life can make us feel unloved, unappreciated, and worthless and engender an all-pervading lack of self-esteem. This is why showing oneself deeds of kindness during trying times can help boost self-esteem making you feel loved and cherished again.

The one way to do that is to show yourself some appreciation for standing strong in spite of what has happened to you. For being there for yourself and for not giving up when that would have been all too easy.

Get yourself a gift no matter how small to show that you value this person that has been with you through thick and thin. This will help shore up your self-esteem and build more fight in you whenever the times get tough. When you buy yourself gifts during or after an ordeal, it’s a mark of how much you love, respect and value yourself. You too deserve some pampering and loving.

Now with this, you could survive the inevitable tough times of life without losing your joy. Go forth and conquer!

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