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11 Easy Ways To Make Money Online That Are Just Too Good To Be True

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Money is one of those scarce resources that’s seems to be in short supply for most of us. And even after you’ve managed to nail down a day job with a reasonable pay, you might still find yourself cash-strapped sometimes and with the bills just pilling up, panic could set in. That’s why earning a few extra bucks here and there could relieve you of your money worries and go a long way towards helping you settle the bills and to give yourself that much needed treat with what’s left. There’re many ways to make easy money these days but out here on the internet, such opportunities are a dime a dozen. And some are just so good that you might find them incredible at first. But in reality, they are as legit as they can be. Here are some of them.

(1) Make Money Gaming

If you, like me, are a gamer and love to spend hours trying out the latest thriller games, then you might want to hear this. Gaming doesn’t have to be a hobby in your spare time. You could monetize it now. This time you play as you always have with as much fun but get paid. There’re a couple of sites that pay you to play online games for free. Cash dazzle, LalaLoot, Swagbucks, Exodus3000, PlayAndWin and SecondLife are just a few sites that pay you for playing free online games.

(2) Become An Online Tutor

If you’re some kind of wizard on any academic subject and would love to pass that knowledge onto others, then you might want to consider applying as an online tutor.

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Experience required varies from company to company, though. Some will require a college degree while others might require relevant work experience. Tasks range from helping elementary-level children with homework to providing college-level support. You can earn between $10 to $30 per hour depending on your educational qualifications and the subject you teach.  You can apply to work as online tutor on sites as Tutorvista, Elance, Student Tutor, Studypool, Tutor.com, HomeworkHelp.com, Eduwizards.

(3) Sign Up For Clickworker

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing site where businesses post specific tasks to be completed quickly for a couple bucks. You can earn money on the side performing such tasks as copy editing, editing short texts to articles. Proofreading for grammar mistakes (ideal for our Grammar Nazi’s) in newspapers, online articles, books or surfing the internet collecting important data. You’ll be earning between $10 to $15 dollars per hour and much more if you work longer. The site pays you via paypal.

(4) Work As A Freelance Writer.

Freelancing isn’t only the next in thing but is here to stay. It’s gaining so much ground now for the sole reason that its flexibility allows for greater work freedom by letting people take on multiple side gigs simultaneously while boosting their earning potential.  So if writing is “your thing”, why not take advantage of the new earning opportunities opening up in freelancing? I mean, become a freelance writer. Freelancer writers are very much in high demand in this digital era where SEO-friendly content is king and content writers too, are easily “kingmakers”. Pay varies by text length and your level of expertise but you can pocket anything from $15 to $50 per article. You can find writing gigs at Online Writing Jobs, or submit your content to sites like Contentmart, Freelancer, Matador Network, iWriter, FundsforWriters. And there’s Fiverr too, where there’re tons of freelance writing gigs.

(5) Domain Investing.

The internet is overrunning with a mountain of articles claiming how anyone could make money in their sleep. Up until now, I’ve tended to receive such reports with a measure of skepticism. “You mean I could make money for doing practically nothing? “Tsk tsk. Not a chance!” I’d say. But ever since I heard about domain investing and seen it in operation first-hand, I’ve been forced to a rethink. With domain investing, it’s actually possible to earn money doing nothing really. To make it selling domains, you’ll need to be really creative in your choice of names. You could come up with exciting dot com domain names with a ring to them and quickly resell them on auction at a price. You can make anywhere from $1000 to $30,000 per domain sold. You can get a dot com domain for as little $0.99 dollars and then resell for any amount you want. No amount is too big. To mention a few, Godaddy and Namecheap are all domain name registrars that allow you list domains on auction after your purchase.

(6) Take Online Surveys.

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In this age of free speech and untrammeled self-expression, paid online surveys have incentivized the whole concept of having an opinion by offering all willing volunteers the chance to earn a few extra bucks airing their views on select topics. All they expect of you is either test a couple of products or fill out a few online surveys and you get your money. Survey sites are becoming more and more popular by the day as they’ve grown in number and I can give you a good few that pay for surveys. Swagbucks rewards you with cash and vouchers for completing surveys and polls in your free time. Toluna helps brands get their products and services reviewed by users and in return rewards you with free products, vouchers and prize draws. You earn between 3,000 to 6,000 points for each survey and that gets you a $19 dollar voucher.

Valued opinions pays about $1 to $5 per survey. You can try out others like Opinion Outpost and Inbox Dollars.

(7) Affiliate Market.

Affiliate marketing has been around perhaps for as long as the internet. It’s one of the more traditional and reliable avenues to generate revenues online. But there’s a catch – you must be running a blog, review site or an email newsletter to be eligible to apply. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll help e-commerce companies promote and sell their services on your blog. By providing referral links on your blog to products on merchant sites, you earn commissions each time you send customers their way. And you don’t have to worry about other logistics such as processing customer orders and shipping – the merchants handle that. Most online merchant stores have a wide range of products you can promote on your blog depending of course on your blog niche. You can pick from any one of their huge collections of products for your blog which could be Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs and many more. Some of the top merchant sites that run affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ClixGalore, Google Affiliate, Commission Junction & many more.

(8) Run A YouTube Channel

These days it’s been coming down the pike that smartphones and the internet are becoming the new wave of addiction, and you need only visit YouTube to understand why. From endless how-to videos to prank and trending viral videos, there isn’t any life endeavor that the video-hosting site doesn’t have a clip for. It’s why we’re all getting so hooked on the YouTube trends and still don’t even remotely consider that an addiction. It’s a pop culture! YouTube hasn’t only changed the face of the internet but has become notable for its massively skyrocketing earning potentials and is already helping many join the next wave of internet millionaires. So if you have any ideas about what things will appeal to most people, you can cash in on YouTube’s growing earning popularity. You record them in short videos, whether that’s the latest tech release or how-to videos and upload them on YouTube. After which you can monetize your videos by placing ads on them and each time they’re viewed, your earn either by CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPV (Cost Per Video). And as your subscriber list goes up, so does your earning.

(9) Music Reviews

Do you love music? Does your taste qualify for a connoisseur? If yes, you could earn some extra money helping music artists review their latest releases. And even it’s not, there’s still room for you if you’re up for it.  What these music review sites do is that they let music lovers sign up and listen to songs yet to be released in just seconds after which they can write reviews and get paid. You could earn up to $20 dollars in minutes or even more if you’ve the time to spare. It’s happening on sites like Musicxray, and Slicethepie.

 (10) Sell E-books

Welcome to the digital age, where we can now go shopping online and read our favorite literary genres via eBooks rather than in printed formats. Ebooks in particular are becoming such a smash hit with us millennials because they’re doing away with the needless distribution bottlenecks involved in getting books from traditional publishing houses to bookstores and eventually into the hands of book lovers. The trend today is that books in nearly every genre are been reduced to easily accessible and downloadable formats which can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere to just about any device. All thanks to the efforts and creativity of self-published authors. And with eBook revenues predicted to reach an estimated $billion in 2018, this is the time to tap into the money making opportunities in the eBook market by getting out your own title. Once you’ve written one, you could get word out promoting on social media, your own blog, or sell it through third party sites as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Kobo Writing Life  and many more.

(11) Sell Your Photos

 Forget the catchy punchline, “a picture paints a thousand words”. That pretty much explains why there’s the mad scramble for high-quality stock photos. Content publishers will know that adding quality visuals to their contents rev’s up engagement twice over. And advertisers aren’t any less savvy, as they too know only too well the power of using the right images in visual advertising. Given this run on visuals, image selling brands are ensuring their images are getting all water-marked as a mark of ownership and image lovers like you and me are turning to creative commons to keep down cost.  But even they, are putting the pick of their images under paid subscription. This is why the stock image market has been set up to favor even amateur photographers who could capture well-timed moments and tweak them to perfection in photoshop. So if you’re a photography hobbyist, you could make a real killing selling your pics to these popular stock photography sites. You can sell your images directly to sites as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, twenty20, or Getty Images.

Do you have any tried and tested easy ways of making money online? We’d appreciate if you could share them with us below.

  1. Charmi Gupta says

    Great work very useful post.
    I m working as a freelancer and looking for more ways to earn money.
    Even I want to become an affiliate marketer and this post will surely help me to become an affiliate marketer.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Patrick Herbert says

      Thanks Charmi for leaving a comment. Feels great to know this article has been of help to you. Relatively speaking, affiliate marketing is definitely one of the less daunting aspects of earning online and does require less work before you start earning. Whether you run a typical blog or review site, all it does require is that you put links of products you review to merchants sites where customers can order them and you earn commissions. It’s that simple, really.

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