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20 Potential Low-Cost Businesses That Can Be Started And Operated By Teenagers And Young Adults

How To Join The Emerging Teenage Entrepreneurial Revolution


As a teenager, one of things that runs through your mind and takes the center stage in your most daydreams is that day when you’ll finally be rid of mum and dad’s apron strings. That day, when you’d be free of your parents controlling influence, can call your own shots and be answerable to nobody but yourself – a privilege emblematic of adulthood. It is these same thoughts of adult-like independence that sparks our first bouts of teenage rebellion as we draw nearer to the age of majority when we are allowed to look after ourselves. But while we are busy plotting how we’d break free of our teenage leash, it rarely ever crosses our mind that adulthood comes with a measure of responsibilities (and this the spoiler alert) along its intoxicating privileges. As a teenagers, our parents may have taken the unenviable burden of providing us room and board, feeding, along with the entire cost of our education and there was never any obligation on us to bear any part of that burden or make any sort of monetary contribution to the running of household. While we were busy chilling out with our buddies and playing video games (assuming you have one) on the other hand mummy and daddy were busy working their butts off trying to ensure who have a better life. Whatever they did was always done in our best interests and somehow they managed to cocoon us from the harsh realities of day to day living.

But with the coming of adulthood, comes responsibilities and one of the things society would expect of you as teenager approaching your 20s is that you start making your own money just as you call your own shots (that’s the price for independence). One day you are going to be a young adult completely on your own, tasked with providing your own room and board with bills to foot as well.

That then makes it all the more significant as a teenager to start planning well in advanced of ways you could earn income as a young adult – you have to be a bit more forward-looking here, coming up with good start-up ideas you can run now and gradually grow as you enter your 20s.

So I’ll put the question to you “have you come with any good business ideas you could operate lately?” Ok if you haven’t you might have ideas on start-ups you could run reading further and if you already have, there’s nothing wrong with adding some more ideas to broaden the options available to you.

(1) Open an Online Gaming Portal

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The internet is fast changing the face of entertainment and one of the areas we see this happening is in the area of gaming. Today gaming has simply embraced the exciting innovations brought about by the advent of the internet, with game consoles now able to access the internet, enabling game lovers to stay up to date with the latest tweaks in the gaming world. There has also been a boom in the number of online gaming websites allowing game lovers to play riveting games with their mobile devices, and PCs with multiple users from across the world for a fee. Some of these gaming websites have a certain teen-appeal and require a low start-up capital. As an enterprising teenager, you can join the online gaming revolution by starting your own online gaming portal.

(2) Open a book club

As a teenager who has a passion for knowledge and literature, you can set up a book club where you can meet up with like minded bibliophiles to discuss about great books worth reading and new releases. As the founder of the book club, you could collect membership fees and donations from members for the day to day running of the club while keeping the profits. You could equally order the latest books on request by a member at a commission.

(3) You can start a car wash

So you are neat freak, with a thing for washing just about any dirty thing in sight at home to the point where you would volunteer to wash your lazy neighbor’s dusty cars. Why not turn that passions into something lucrative, like running a car wash. You can convert your parking space or garage into a car wash without needing to rent a place or you can go from door to door offering your valeting services to car owners in your neighborhood for a fee of course.

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(4) Start a photography business

So you are one of those teens with an infectious passion for photography. You have been taking photographs since you were like 5 years? At such you would already have developed the essential skill to do a little photography gig by the side to fetch you some money. Here are the options for you. With that camera in your hands, you can work as an event photography shooting special events such as reunions, parties, celebrity events, wedding events and what not. You could cover photo shoot for pet owners who want to have their pets in pictures. You can do all this for hire. Also you can take photographs of things that people will likely need and place them for sale on your personal website or sell them off to stock imaging websites online.

(5) Start a laundry and dry cleaning business

Given the hectic 9 to 5 working schedules kept by today’s working class and the accompanying need to convert leisure hours to working hours, very few find the time to launder their clothes. For many then, it’s more time saving to employ the services of a laundry and dry cleaning business to valet our dirty clothes and wears while we spend that time making more money.  And it is precisely for this reason that there is such a stupendous patronage of laundry businesses today. Running a laundry doesn’t require any special skills so that makes it easy for teenagers to operate theirs as well. You can start your own laundry business with no start-up cost as a teenager right off your house by using your personal washing machine, pressing iron, dryer and sundry to dry clean clothes you receive for laundry from your maiden clients and then charge them accordingly. That’s as good as it gets.

(6) Computer and mobile phone servicing business

As a teenager, you can run a little computer or mobile phones servicing gig by the side as you pursue your studies without any qualifying university degree. But first, you have to be some kind of computer or technology geek (or the type who have their way with appliances). You can utilize some of your raw tech talent helping people in your neighborhood fix their PCs and mobile gadgets that are on the fritz for a fee and if your services are satisfactory, word would be out that you’ve got game at repairs and soon enough your entire neighborhood would make a beaten path to your door. One other thing, you can operate this business right off your living room or garage.

(7) Work as a graphic designer

Most site owners today have somehow figured out that they have better site engagement, sell their services and products more when they incorporate eye-catching visuals to their online content. And this is precisely where graphic designers come into their own. As a graphic designer, you can help site owners create or draw images which will form part of their website content. You can also design logos and other branding elements to boot. But to succeed in this business, you’d need to know your way around software’s like Photoshop. On the other hand, you could sell your services at online communities like fiverr.

(8) Packing business

If you are already in college, you’d have discovered that students go through enormous hassle trying to move their personal belongings in and out of the dormitory at the beginning or close of the school semester. Why not take advantage of this problem by starting your own packing service to help other students pack up their items and move them in and out of the dormitory. If can convince your buddies to join you so you all can work as a team. At the end of the day, you all can split your earnings amongst yourselves.

(9) Academic Tutor

Remember the last time in class where your teacher singled you out for praise because you were the only one who excelled in certain difficult subjects (and you felt like you were on top of the world). You know where I’m going with this and that is starting a business where you can tutor other students who have difficulties excelling in subjects you naturally excel at to make extra money. You could also work as a home tutor.

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(10) Production of greeting cards

If you one of those teens gifted with creativity, you can monetize your talent by starting a business that specializes in the production of greeting cards for different occasions. During the valentine and other festive seasons, there is such a run on customized greeting cards and if you design greeting cards on such occasions they would sell like hot cakes.

(11) Start a cleaning business

So you are one of those guys who likes to keep the house tidy, ensuring every item around the house is kept in apple pie order – some talent you’ve got and I see you offering professional cleaning services to other people around your neighborhood for some money. You can post flyer’s around your area to notify people of your business.

(12) Start a custom portrait business

Custom portraits make the excellent keepsake for anyone who wants to turn their unique photos into art and then hang them on their wall. So if you have an artistic flair as a teenager with the ability to draw or paint, then you might find it rewarding working as a custom portrait artist. You can help people preserve memories in artwork (a wedding event or an image of a new baby), painting on canvas, sketching an image of someone, pets or houses.

(13) Baking and selling of cookies and cupcakes

Do you love to bake cookies or cupcakes at home? Then this is for you. You can start a business right off your kitchen baking cookies and cupcakes and selling them to friends and close neighbors for a start or if you are in college, to course mates in class.

(14) Become a YouTube personality

As with many social media channels, YouTube with its stupendous viewership offers its users a viable outlet to create and share videos with a vast audience spanning different countries. A lot of teenagers today have become overnight millionaires and grown their online reputation running their own YouTube channels simply by uploading videos of their passions for other users to view (I recently read the story of a 5year old YouTube personality, Ryan who makes nearly a $1million dollars in advertising revenues uploading videos of him playing with toys on YouTube). You can cash in on this YouTube emerging teenage millionaire revolution by setting up your own channel where you can share videos of things you think might interest other users. A good example here would be some how-to videos.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

(15) Work as an app developer

Programming is the vocation of the moment and would be rightly so in the next couple of years. In today’s smart phone world, smart phone companies release newer phones to the market barely before users have gained familiarity with the older phone models. And these new smartphones like unfurnished houses are not worth the fun having unless they are stuffed up with the latest apps. This is why software developers are in such high demand. As a teenager with programming skills (and these days you can learn coding all on your own) you can develop apps for smart phones and put them on sale at places like the app store, windows store and others.

(16) Start a personal blog

The advent of WordPress has made it way too easy for even teenagers with little or no programming skills to set up their personal blogs and to start posting contents moments afterwards. While blogging requires a lot a work before you can start earning, it does however pay off in the long run. Over the past few years we’ve witnessed some teenage blogging sensations over the blogosphere who have become online authorities in their respective niches. Tavi Williams, a 13-year-old happens to be one of such teenage blogging sensations, with her fashion blog even getting featured in the New York Times. So why not start your own blog? Could be about anything that interests you. All you need to do is buy your dot.com domain name from a domain company, pay for hosting from any hosting company and with any blog theme and design, you’d be up and running.

(17) Free Lance writer

Do you, like me, love writing? It’s high time you took your writing passion to the next level. You could make a living writing or take up freelance writing jobs from well-known freelancing sites. You can write short books and use self-publishing platforms like the Amazon kindle to publish your works. When you publish your works on Amazon Kindle, you get to earn 70% royalties on all your published works. On the other hand, you could bid for freelance writing jobs on sites like freelancer.com, upwork.com and elance.com amongst others. If you feel your writing skills won’t exactly make you a world beater then you might want to take a look at this article on improving your writing skills. Go check out the secrets of a good writer.

(18) Work as a babysitter

We’ve all caught the working class 9 to 5 flu that makes it nigh impossible for us to have time to ourselves. Today making more money to pursue our dreams and give ourselves a better shot at life than our parents had is all that matters. Working couples are no exceptions, with so many bills to pay, both couples have to join the modern day 9 to 5 schedule to make ends meet leaving their kids with reliable and trusted babysitters. So as a teenagers who loves baby watching you can take advantage of these openings to offer babysitting services to working parents and earn extra money.

(19) Buy and sell products on eBay

Teenagers who have are interested in sales can act as middlemen buying and selling different products on E-commerce websites like eBay. To buy and sell products on eBay, you would have to open an account on eBay, buy products from any reliable supplier at a discount and then sell them off at higher prices at a profit.

(20) Open a web designing business

If you look at how skillful some teenagers are at coding, you might be forgiven for thinking coding or programming was a standard course offered in most high schools today. But the truth is that many teenagers acquire their coding skills watching YouTube videos and then practice what they learn on demo websites on their laptops (my teenage brother ran the whole show designing edifiedminds all on his own). Teenagers looking to work as website designers, must be familiar with basic programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP et al. You will also need to know your way around Adobe Photoshop for a start. Once you’ve mastered the above skills then you can start helping companies and individuals design their official websites and earn extra money

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