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12 Skills Every 18-Year-Old Should Have


Most adults today would tell you their teens were probably the most challenging part of growing up (I would rightly concur). When we were kids, we were the center of mum and dads universe and nearly everyone pandered to our every whim (they called us all sorts of sweet names too; angel, sweetie, plus the syrupy show of affection). And with so much affection buzzing in the air, we sort of did a lot of baby talk whenever we needed something and people around us could read our cues. We cried when we were feeling hungry and we got food, and once our pants were lowered down, everyone knew we needed to use the bathroom.

We practically lived on easy street (and also got away with a lot) throughout our formative years and people didn’t generally mind playing fetch and carry for us. But once we reached our teenage years, we all wondered where all of the love and affection we were shown in our childhood had disappeared to. Suddenly, the rule becomes “if you want something, you have to go get it yourself”. We are treated as “Grown Ups” and any carryover behavior from our childhood is seen as puerile. Given this need for adaption amongst teenagers, this explains why teenagers feel so much pressure and have such a hard time growing up. As an 18-year-old, everyone expects to you act like an ‘Adult’ now and they expect you to possess certain vital skills to fast track your maturity into a successful adulthood.

These skills are a must for every 18-year-old and they are roughly about 12 of them although there might be a few more not included here.


(1) An 18-year old must be able to talk to strangers

As an 18-year-old, you should be comfortable talking to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.


(2) An 18-year old must be able to find his way around

You should be conversant with the area you live in and be able to move from one part of town to another and be able to find your way back home without anyone calling a search party because you went missing.

(3) An 18-year old must be able to manage his assignments, workload, and deadlines

Sometimes you would get swamped with work, in college or at home but you must not procrastinate or be overwhelmed. You have to buckle up and get to work. If you are going to be a successful careerist, then being an effective person is a must for you.

(4) An 18-year old must be able to handle emotional and interpersonal problems.

When you hit your 18’s there’s a reality check and you get to realize that life isn’t the fairytale the movies would have you believe. There would be bouts of depression, anger, disgust but you have to suck it up. Adults do that.


(5) An 18-year old must be able to cope with ups and downs

Life sucks, life hurts, and our best of plans can go awry a times and that can be a little hard for an 18-year-old but that is show business for you. Every time something goes wrong in your life, you can’t always go looking for a nearby shoulder to lean on. You have to toughen up and pull yourself together.

(6) An 18-year old must be able to earn and manage money

When you turn 18, people at home would start expecting you to start earning your own money as you prepare for full-blown independence which can often mean living all by yourself and having to sort out your own bills. But don’t worry if haven’t figured out anything yet that could earn you money. Here are a few ideas for a teenager

(7) An 18-year old must be able to calculate risks before deciding

I know been an 18-year-old can often mean taking knee-jerk decisions that can have grave future repercussions. And that is why your teens are the likeliest of times you could make any of the common mistakes that could ruin a young person’s life. But levelheaded and try not to do anything that would put you or anyone else in harms way. Think through the consequences of your actions and decide if it’s still worth it!

(8)  An 18-year old must be able to contribute to the running of a household.

At this point of your life, you simply can’t play the loafer anymore (or be a burden). Now you have to start getting used to taking responsibilities for carrying out certain tasks around the house. You should be able to the clean up after yourself, do the dishes or basic laundry, prune the garden if there is one or mow the lawn.

(9) An 18-year old must know the value of integrity and being true to their word.

You shouldn’t be making promises you know you can’t keep. That’s the whole point of learning how to say “no” when you know you can’t do something. And when you promise something you can do, be as good as your word.

(10) An 18-year old must know the value of delayed gratification.

When you are 18, everything tends to be fun and you tend to do things more on whim. You can chose to watch TV the night before an exam because it’s fun or spend your personal savings on partying or even buying things that are absolutely worthless and which depreciate in value overtime. You won’t die if you learn not to indulge your every “me-now” whim.

(11) An 18-year-old must know how to manage time.

As an 18-year-old, you have to avoid the mistake of being so into living in the now that you don’t give a hoot about the future. Use the time you have now to plan for a regret-free adulthood. Don’t waste or kill time and shun time wasters for friends. It’s contagious!

(12) An 18-year-old must know how to cook

You should have some cooking skills by now. They don’t have to be top notch or cordon bleu-like (that’s a pretty unrealistic demand from a teenager). You should be able to bake pancakes at least or cook your self the most basic meal. If you can’t do that, how do you hope to survive when you even start living on your own?Oh, you think junk food would be a good alternative? Not if you value your health!. It can take a few years off your life, believe me.

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