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7 Bold Moves You Should Definitely Make Right Now To Radically Transform Your Life

Your life will change only if you are daring


There really isn’t anyone who isn’t shopping for a change of life today. Who isn’t! We all want to have our lives spiced up and revamped, to see our normal existence positively radicalized and a bit more magical. Change is so much in demand because it offers us all the rare opportunity for our lives to make the needed transition to our best versions. But the sad truth is that for most of us, it’s just not happening. The real reason for this is that a mere desire however strong and immediate doesn’t guarantee we would always get what we want. Firstly, to experience change in life, you need the desire for a spark and then the blueprint for change. Next, you have to know exactly the steps required to attain your blueprint for transforming your life. But for most of us, we haven’t figured this out. We tend to make the mistake of waiting for things to just work themselves out without making the effort. We desire, wait, wait for almost an entire lifetime and never truly see our lives transform for the better. It’s like our plane has taken off but we are still stuck at the boarding gates. It sucks.
But today something is about to change in your life. You are about to discover the amazing steps required to activate the change of life you’ve so longed for. So without further ado, I’ll now introduce you to the 7 bold moves you definitely need to radically transform your life.

#1 Confront Your Fears.

Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears. Rudyard Kipling
I’m a rebel at heart, in regard to my fears. Patrick H.
Two hunters on a safari cornered a lion, who instead of attacking, turned tail and disappeared into the underbrush. One terrified hunter stammered to the other, “You go ahead and see where he went to, I’ll go back and see where he came from”
You might not be a Christian or believe in the Bible. That’s OK! But there’s something I need to tell you about it. From biblical accounts, it seems man was created and given one supreme and operating command. Rather like “go and conquer”. It said “have dominion” over all the earth and from when man left Eden to the present, we’ve done everything by it. Humanity seems to tell itself “We must never leave this earth unconquered”. As a result we’ve journeyed far and wide conquering everything in sight. We’ve conquered the highest peaks, Everest to Kilimanjaro, we’ve reached the highest and farthest corners of the earth, attaining the impossible along the process. Our quest for dominion has taken us to the moon. However, there’re still mountaintops we haven’t yet climbed and they exist no further than within the very frontiers of our own minds – they are our fears. These unclimbed mountaintops that we dread are the reason why we are not living out our dreams. We obsess over them and they keep holding us back. Every time we want to take a step forward, they dare us and we retreat. From today, make a decision to dare every fear in your life. Leave no more peaks unclimbed. As soon as you have a thought that says you can’t do something, in 20 seconds defy it and head in that direction. Fear is like a mirage, and if you’d take a step forwards towards your fears whenever they appear, you’d come to see them for the sham they really are. Fail to do this and it will control your whole life. I do this too and once I get the fear over it, I reply the thought with something like “I thought you said I couldn’t do that, but now I have”, “You don’t scare me, you know – not ever!” Begin today to live in defiance to your fears. You may not be a teenager anymore, but remind your fears, you’ve still got that off-the-rails teenage rebellion in your genes. Rebel, rebel, rebel against your fears. That’s living life on your own terms. Now that’s one of the bold moves! And it’ll sure transform your life from now on. Next time you are afraid, just do it. Constantly scare yourself by doing that very thing you dread. It’s the road to freedom and self-emancipation.

#2 Stop Waiting For The Right Moment

Waiting for the perfect time is the greatest handicap to growth in life. In itself, it’s by far the single most deadly enemy of talent. It flouts common sense, impedes progress, and by affirming inaction, violates the sanctity of the age-old wisdom in perfection through practice. – Patrick Herbert.
Begin today to relentlessly pursue your dreams. With same speed that you conceive ideas, do execute them. Don’t be a “tomorrow person” always postponing things to a perfect time in the future. It’s like the flu. Soon enough, it’s going to turn you into a compulsive procrastinator. Learn to pull the trigger on your goals with minimal delay. Life’s short. Don’t put your whole life on hold – not for anything. This is your moment, own it. Don’t wait all your life for a miracle or one elusive break. Make yourself one.
Each day remind yourself that it’s more important to begin than to be perfect. Any moment is the best time to start. The best place to begin is where you are. Launch your career, chase your dreams, and don’t keep waiting until you run out of precious ting until you run out of precious time.
Stop holding yourself to the standards of an ideal world – ours is imperfect. Seize this very moment to begin whatever you’ve been putting off. Things don’t work themselves out independently, won’t improve with time, everything responds to the perfect law of inertia, always at rest, until an external pressure is applied. The only way you can be perfect, is to get in there and start doing. Mistakes are OK. Ask Mr. or Mrs. Perfect to move over, there’s work to be done. The perfect timing is a myth, every moment is. So ditch the waiting game already and start doing, anything. Transformation doesn’t get much better than that.

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#3 Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it. Oprah Winfrey
A life of ease and comfort is the course of least resistance and contributes nothing. Sean R. Covey.
Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. Thomas A. Edison
An electric current will follow the line of least resistance; but a bulb glows precisely because there’s resistance. Many of us instinctively choose the shortest, quickest way to success, only to discover that the success was illusory that the bulb didn’t glow. Og Mandino.
I once read a quote whose author I can’t seem to credit it. It said “Life is growth, and in ceasing to grow, in fearing the new, we deny life”. Growth and change seem inbuilt and a vital aspect of life. So that from the day we are born into this world, we automatically become active participants in this life-changing process. All around us, we see this metamorphosis taking place. A baby today in only a few years would become a teen and from adolescence would grow into an adult. These changes are discernible even in lower life forms and continue at both the physiological and psychological level, throughout a person’s lifetime, until they eventually age. Ordinarily you’d expect that our personal lives would all be a reflection of this unavoidable vicissitude evident in all of nature. But in reality, this is not. Humans are a bit anti-change, anti-discomfort and most definitely risk-averse. It’s not all that surprising, given that this was one of the survival tactics of our prehistoric ancestors, who as recent scientific discoveries have revealed, preferred to stay in their comfy caves rather than roam around (perhaps for fear of the terrestrial “leviathans” lurking outside their caves). They passed on to us this urge to remain within our comfort zones and maybe eschew inconvenience even when in the urbanized cities we now live in today, we are no longer in danger of such predators. In this 21st century we can’t have these kind of attitudes anymore, it won’t do. Actually it’s hurting us more than we realize. It’s rather like watching “Zootopia”, the 2016 award-winning animation series and hearing one of the characters blurt out these words “That’s the beauty of complacency, if you don’t try anything new, you never fail”. That’s just how we think these days, we take the cautious approach to life, playing it safe, avoiding risks and inconvenience as much as possible and maybe hope to tip toe through life – and quite possibly to an early grave. For cowards die many times before their death.
Why not embrace the challenge of adventure? Strive. Reach out. And who knows you may likely find the life-transforming change you so long for, but only by striving. And while you are that, maybe try to enjoy the rush of adrenaline. Of course it won’t be plain sailing taking on a new challenge. It’s scary at times, awkward and uncomfortable even, but it will be well worth it in the end. When you get into the habit of leaving your comfort zone, life will constantly reward you with the gift of a new and enhanced you.
Chase Your Dreams. Push Yourself Relentlessly. Ditch The Status Quo. Live Without Regrets.

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#4 Build Your Goals Around Your Passions.

It’s possible to have other people’s goals or even help them fulfill it. But in life you want to accomplish goals that are truly yours, that resonate with your deepest passions. Today we have people who set goals but can find neither the drive nor the determination to see them through – it’s the story of our lives. We burrow goal after from others and foist them upon ourselves; Most goals we set are a disconnect from our own inner longings and hence we’re never inspired to breeze through them, we dither, vacillate, drag our feet only to end up accomplishing nothing – and then we completely misread the situation by blaming ourselves for being procrastinators of the first order. But a goal to watch 1000 anime movies won’t seem that big a deal to an anime lover – from the moment the goal is set, they could go about it with a vengeance. It figures! They do love the movies to a fault and feel nearly heartbroken when there’s isn’t anymore to watch. In a sense, it’s their passion, they are naturally drawn to it, inspired by it and so when their goals are centered on and around it, they attain it. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying you have to be an anime fan or anything or set goals along those lines to find a natural drive to clinch your goals. I’m saying live your life in such a way there’s no mismatch between your goals and what you really, really want in life. There are a lot of people who set goals of getting say, a dream job in an area they don’t have a passion for, but when they do, it’s like a love hate affair. Even with a six digit paycheck, they wake up dreading going to work, it ruins their mood and they never find the drive to work or advance their careers. This analogy applies to every other endeavor in life. Goals suck when they are not in tune with your heart desires. To become super driven, build your goals around your passions and the drive will be inevitable. Take me for instance, I love writing, but as a non-native speaker I face all the peculiar encumbrances plaguing any writer in my situation but I’d never let that deter me. Of course my writing skills haven’t made me a world beater yet but every day I set out wanting to reach for the stars. Writing is my passion, and my goal of wanting to be the best doesn’t faze me. I even set about blogging because it’s in line with my goal of being a better writer. And in my first month of blogging, I wrote about a hundred articles – Now that’s a record for any beginner! Once you start setting goals that are at the core of your desires, nothing would be unattainable – not even the impossible. You won’t procrastinate doing what you love, will you? No way! There’s not a single person on the face of the earth who doesn’t have a passion and that includes you and me. Discover it and build your goals around it. That will transform your life from being uninspired to being the most passionate and motivated person ever.

#5 Change Your Environment.

Sometimes change or self-transformation doesn’t always follow the narrow path of inward self-reinvention. At times, it favors something outwardly, in a little change of environment. It’s an effective hack for transforming anyone’s life. I just recently moved out of my old neighborhood of 9 years and believe me, it’s given me a new lease of life. After being in the same spot for nearly 9 years, and having to see the same faces every day, I nearly went stir-crazy, so I felt moving out was an ideal change of pace. In my new surroundings, I now get out of bed and everything around me seems to have this impeccable touch of novelty and such rarified freshness. It’s all full of new faces every now and then, and I’m so at home within my new surroundings. Such is the beauty of changing environment! Sometimes transforming your life may not necessitate a radical action like parking out of your old apartment, as I have done. You could still reignite the spark of transformation in your life with just a tweak in your appearance, like getting a new makeover, hair style, redecorating your home or a complete wardrobe overhaul, if you can afford it. It may also involve building newer stronger and positive relationships by meeting new people and getting rid of old ones where they’ve been toxic. Other times, it could be really transforming to hop on a plane and leave the country for a little while, maybe on a tour or vacation. In any case, it’s an opportunity to see new sights, catch a little fun and revitalize your life in some way. Plus you get to interact with new cultures.

#6 Practice Self-love.

Many critics have hailed the genius of Christianity for its command to “love thy neighbor as thy self”. It’s a really a call to action; to bestow, to abandon self-interest for the collective. At the moment, that command seems to be the tie that binds the entire world together. And a veritable reason why we aren’t at each other’s throat often rendering needless the specter of a 3rd world war. But by observation, it would appear we’ve botched that admirable command with bad semantics. We seem to have completely misread it to mean “love thy neighbor ‘than’ thyself”. The operating word here being “than”. We were supposed to love our neighbors “as” ourselves, no more or less. Certainly not at one’s expense. But that’s exactly what a lot of us do today, we are so bad at loving for putting others ahead of ourselves. It tends to misery. Failing to first love oneself before loving another is like asking a hungry man to feed another when in fact, he himself is on an empty stomach. But in truth, you cannot give what you don’t have. When we are so starved for love, affection and compassion, there’ll be nothing to pass on to others, surely not love. A nursing mother has to feed herself first before the baby – it’s just how it works. This applies to loving too. From today stop feeling guilty for putting yourself first. Be kind and helpful, but know just when to say no. Work as hard as you want, but remember to look after yourself, or find time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Be serious with your work, but when there’re mistakes in it, remember you are only human. Don’t get self-critical, don’t give away the shirt off your back and if possible, ditch self-sacrifice. It’s suicidal. Now that’s transforming your life.

(7) Accept Tough Love.

Whenever tough love is being mentioned, the image it evokes is one where we are it’s recipients but precisely from other people. But sometimes you have to receive it of yourself. Life is a journey in the sense that we are constantly on the move for better outcomes, improved living conditions or economic status. We are ever searching on this journey to a better life and transformation. But those who really get ahead are past masters in the art of accepting tough-love. They’ve got fixity of purpose, are strict when it matters and above all are ruthless in the pursuit of their goals. They’d even sacrifice themselves all for reaching their goals, if it came to that. But in this journey of life, if you are a softie you have almost zero chances of making it or even having the life-changing experience. You need to toughen up a little bit. Whether it’s giving up a toxic habit or finding the will power to stick to a new routine, self-discipline is required. You may have the road map to a better life but if can’t summon the resolve to do all it takes to get there, your life would always be on the reverse gear. Get comfortable with pain or discomfort. Be self-disciplined.
Now you can see your life really transform with the help of these 7 bold moves I’ve shared. This is the right moment to begin doing them all.

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