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7 Hard Truths Nobody Tells You About Being An Adult


As we already know, adulthood can be quite a depressing and frustrating time of life. The reasons of course, aren’t that far-fetched. Back in adolescence, we were callow and obviously had next to zero responsibilities to take care of. And then, in this intoxicating newfound freedom, we might have made the mistake of running away with the feeling that we “could do anything” and pretty much get away with it. Always, we might take this as the unqualified license to make horrifying blunders. In comes adulthood, and life begins to burst our pre-adulthood bubbles. First, we’re called to account for our youthful howlers and are forced to get our act together. Second, we’re meted with regrets for punishment. Life becomes far much more hellish when we’re are weighed down by a hulking load of responsibilities.  Out now on our own, and without mummy or daddy to help anymore, we have to step into the oversized caretaking shoes they’ve left behind by looking after ourselves. Make our own money, and take care of a growing heap of bills. And if you’re buoyed enough to have tied the knot now, a family to groom. And as if that wasn’t enough, you must strive to strike the right balance between your work and personal life. That’s too much for anyone! But this is life and adulthood is something everyone has to go through. Think life might be less burdensome for you as an adult if only you knew how? Lucky you, because the next few paragraphs of this article have been devoted to the 7 things you wish someone would come forth and tell you about making it through adulthood. And off we go now.

(1) Time Is An All-time Game Changer

Youth is a blunder; manhood a struggle; old age a regret- Benjamin Disraeli

It is strange that the one thing that every person looks forward to, namely old age, is the one thing for which no preparation is made. – John Dewey   

Time is a finite commodity and you’ll always hear time’s winged chariot hot on your heels. So it’s important you make the most of it while you still can before your transition to the regrets of adulthood. Utilize money to gain more time. Appreciate the time you have now and spend it with those you love. Let family have more of your presence than your presents.

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(2) You’ll Need A Reliable Support System For The Years Ahead

In adulthood you’ll have your own fair share of valley days, especially if you hit rock bottom. So it’s important your build a dependable support system of friends and family members. If you desire optimum support then look to seriously invest in those around you whom you love and cherish.

(3) A Little Empathy Shown Can Go A Long Way In How You Connect With People

These days there are so many chiefs and not enough Indians. We’ve all become shifting versions of receivers than givers. Talkers and not enough listeners. In our critical conversations with people we all feign to be animated listeners whereas in actual fact, we are just waiting to shoot home our points without even considering the needs of the people at the other end. People need shoulders to lean on, people they can talk to who would be content with listening than being preoccupied with thinking up the perfect answer. That is how to show empathy and connect with people.

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(4) Titles Are Overrated

Corporations give you titles to give you the impression that you are some big shot whereas in actual fact you might just be a pencil or paper pusher with little prospects of career advancement (you could be the Director General of the disgruntled and ambitionless). You certainly don’t need titles to make your mark on the world. For this to happen focus more on growing your little man inside. Increase your career skill sets. The title will be a follow-up to that eventually.

(5) Love Is An Umbrella Term.

Love is not a feeling, it’s not a term of convenience it takes sacrifice. It isn’t just a noun, it’s a verb that calls us to action. Love is being there for someone when they go south. It is not me-only but a mutual term. It is about helping each other find happiness. Explore it and define what it means to you

(6) You Are Your Own Boss!

If you surmise you are really not big on the modern 9 to 5 work day roller coaster. Then it’s time for a reality check. Do a background check on the lives of successful people who have created lifestyles in business you admire and follow suit. If you want to answer to yourself only and no one else, then it will delight you to know that modern day capitalism has handed you a lifeline and blank check to make a living for yourself pursuing your unique passions. You won’t ever hear that deafening statement “You are fired!” Instead you’ll switch roles and do the firing yourself.

(7) The Number Of Digits Of Your Paycheck Is A Mirror Of The Value You Provide

If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door. –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In this purely capitalist value-driven era, it would be fraudulent of you to earn more for less value-added. You could be the reference point for future discussions on economic crimes. In whatever you do let adding value be your chief goal and that alone will announce you to the world. Its quality over quantity. When you make quality your only priority whether in business or in the professions, then you are going to be super rich. Why? Because it would mean more customers or clients for you and that is more money. But however making money is your only goal in whatever you do then get ready for a reality check when clients dessert for poor client service. You’ll be forever broke.

Are you an adult? What has adulthood taught you so far? We’d like you to tell us your story.

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