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7 Things You Need To Know About Money In Your 20s.


Being independent as a young adult means you have to look after yourself and most importantly pay your own bills. To do that, you are expected to put in some shift working to make more money, enough to even cover the cost of embarking on your 20s adventures around the world. But that is easier said than done, since there are a lot of people who work at multiple jobs and yet still don’t make enough money to cover their monthly bills. The truth is, some young people work so hard (but don’t work smart) at their jobs, get their monthly paycheck, and then barely a few weeks after receiving pay, they run out of money. What they don’t realize is that making money is one thing, but managing it is another thing entirely. As young adults, there are things about money we need to know to grow what money we have and be able to enjoy our 20s having amazing adventures before we get tied down with responsibilities in the later parts of our lives. So here are some of the most important things you need to know about money if you are in your 20s.

(1) Money is a tool you cannot do without

Money is just an extension of you, it’s not you. It’s a symbol of freedom and can open the doorway to the good life, but it’s no guarantee of happiness. You’ll have to figure that one out yourself,

(2) You Don’t Get Stinking Rich Trading Your Time For Money

We all first start off at base camp, trading our time for money as we work. But as the years glide by we are to head for the mountain top where we get to trade money for time. When there, you don’t trek just so you could save more money instead you take flights so you could save valuable time to spend with your family

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(3) Take 5 Millionaires Out On A Drink And You’ll Be Number Six

You been around never’ do wells long enough don’t you think? How about a little down town with the big boys in town. Have them teach you a thing or two making the big bucks. You are the average of 5 people you most spend your time with. When you hang out with smart and wealthy people, there’s a rub off.

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(4) Money Does Really Grow On Trees

They gave you bad financial training at home telling you money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s for the same reason you have terrible spending habits. Just toss that book you’ve been reading out the window. Think financial abundance not scarcity and see where that would get you. It would surely put you in the running for the next billionaire. There is a lot of money to go round just ask the banks. You might not physically find money on trees, but you will find it wherever there’s a problem you can solve.

(5) Define What Wealth Means To You.

Being rich isn’t an absolute term. It’s a term relative to your goals, needs and aspirations. To some it means freedom and peace of mind, to others it equals a fat bank account. Never let anybody define what wealth means to you. Therein lies your satisfaction and happiness.

(6) Your Net Worth Is Value-driven

You don’t really need a JOB to be comfortable in life. You will be highly rewarded for your value-added services. Be a problem solver and the money would rain!

(7) Take Time To Enjoy

Life is like a good movie coming to abrupt end and we are hardly ever afforded the luxury of another life. To avoid someone bossing your hard earned wealth in your permanent absence, it’s important you enjoy the fruits of your efforts while you still can. Don’t be “Mr. Money miss road” a name from a popular book I read back in my childhood about a man who had owned the majority of the houses around a business vicinity but was so stingy to the point where he couldn’t buy himself a bottle of coke or the least shoes to wear.

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