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8 Definite Signs You Are Wasting Your Youth


If you are in your youth, your life’s just about to unfold. But depending on what you do with your precious time each day, you may be ruining whatever chance you have of having a great adulthood. You can of course live life to the fullest and avoid the many common early life pitfalls that are the reason young people waste their lives.

In this post, we’ll be sharing with you some of these red flags for a wasted life so you could steer clear of them. Here are 8 definite signs you are wasting your youth.

(1) You Can’t Get Over the Blues

Life might be an exciting journey but it’s rarely a pleasurable walk. Sure, you’ll have prolonged happy moments in-between, but even so, not every of your day will have a happy ending. Even in the moments when you think you’ve taken precaution against every conceivable hitch, the unexpected can happen and put a damper on your plans, leaving you in the dumps.

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Life is full of these sad off days when you just can’t help but feel downhearted. It’s something that not even grownups are immune to. But among adolescents, this feeling of dejection is a given.

And we are not at a loss to explain this strange phenomenon. For many, adolescence marks a period of rude awakening; when life seems to relish giving us a reality check; a negative turning point, when you realize that everything you were told and hoped for was an embellished lie. You realize that life isn’t like the fairytales you had been watching all of your childhood and that there won’t be any real knights in shining amour coming to your rescue or to break you out of the inured boredom of your ordinary existence.

You feel weighed down with ever increasing responsibilities like having to earn an honest living while being also aware that you may have to wait till retirement to make your first million. It’s not comforting either knowing you may not be famous as you had hoped.

When you’re wrapped up in these heartbreaking thoughts as a youth, life just seems to suck. Still, you’ve got come to terms with this reality and find a way to move on as everyone has, but if you don’t, you’ll end up moping every day of your life and probably lose your zest for living.

(2) You Live In A Virtual World.

Video game addiction

Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “Books are good enough in their own way but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life. It seems we could say exactly the same of gaming, like books, as being a “mighty bloodless substitute for life.” With its stunning graphics, promise of absolute control and irresistible lure of adventure and conquest, gamers everywhere are getting hooked on video games and in some cases actually abandoning leading their actual lives to take up a more exciting fictional identity in the addictive graphical world of online gaming.

“I decided that the progression of my WoW character was more meaningful than the progression of myself in real life…it’s more entertaining than real life, it’s easier than real life,” says Brett, a recovering World of Warcraft addict who had spent his entire teens gunning down video game assailants. But Brett isn’t a rare example as experts currently estimate that more than 3 million Americans between ages eight to eighteen could be suffering from this rising video game dependency.

By its very nature, video games are time-consuming, and a regular video game user could find themselves clocking up to 50 hours of game time a week and may experience the same feelings of withdrawal felt by drug addicts during short breaks.

While video games have great entertainment value, however an undue attachment to video games may pose a risk of depression, social anxiety, anger and even loneliness. An addicted video gamer would sooner see the option of suicide as a more realistic alternative to giving it gaming.

Video game addiction is a temptation for everyone regardless age, but even more so for adolescents given their penchant for amusement. If you find yourself devoting too much of your time playing video games, you have to the pull the plug or risk the entire procession of negative effects on your emotional, social, relational and educational life. If you don’t keep it in check, your gaming addiction could lead to a wasted youth.

(3) You Hate Responsibility.

Picture this scenario; you are at home sitting on the sofa and watching one of those trending riveting TV shows you wouldn’t miss for the world. All of a sudden, a family member waltzs into the room and asks you to help with the chores straight away. You are visibly annoyed by the interruption and have to resist telling them to “bugger off!” But then you realize that would be so thoughtless of you. At this thought, you turn off the TV you’d much rather watch and head off to work.

This might be the ideal reasoning of a grownup, but you wouldn’t readily expect such maturity from a good number of adolescents today who are so fun-inclined and work-shy. Life for these happy-go-lucky’s is really about having more time for leisure, to party hard, and to hang out with friends or to entertain themselves no end. These youths might even wish everyday were a holiday. And even after a fun-filled weekend outing, they might reluctantly resume work Monday morning only to begin another timeserving countdown to TGIF.

But people who have spent this much of their early life shirking responsibilities and wishing away work may have an even greater price to pay when adulthood hits. They may find themselves constantly out of work for being shown the door by their employers for their lackadaisical attitude and lack of professionalism at work. And with a family to rear, life can be so much more hellish without a job with a steady cash flow.

(4)You Chase Everything in Skirt

Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing but my time would be wasted” are the intro lyrics to “Nothin’ on You” a hit single co-written by B.o.B and Bruno Mars, which should really be a warning to young males with excessive involvement with girls.

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While an obsession with girls may be a natural inclination of most young men today. Yet, it’s something that when taken to the level of an obsession could be responsible for a wasted life. Young male adolescents may see girl-chasing as an amusement, a way to ramp up their peer popularity rating. To many of them, the more sexual conquests a guy has, the more bragging rights it gets them.

They might troll almost everything in skirt, from the girl next door to that complete stranger on social media with just the goal of getting intimate, and as soon they get that one-night-stand, like the butterfly hunting for nectar, they are off to their next love interest.

Not that there’s anything  particularly wrong with having dates with the opposite sex if you are a guy, but even so, your interest must be genuine and be well reciprocated. And not only that, but you have to be seeking for a long-term relationship. Otherwise, lusting after women for whom you have no serious interest (and who likely don’t have your time) can lead to a needless waste of your money and the time you could have used to tackle your own goals and move up the world.

(5) You’ve got the Procrastination Bug.

Think of procrastinate this way: you buy a plane ticket to any destination of your choice, get to the airport in time to catch your flight. You board the plane along with other passengers and the plane taxies down the runway. But for some reason, your plane can’t seem to take off. In a way you feel stuck and can’t seem to shake off this anxious feeling that your exciting journey is being put on hold.

In the same way, you might experience this same frustrations if you get into the habit of putting things off. Like in our example, you may be putting your entire life, career, dreams, and accomplishments on hold by procrastinating. You might set life-changing goals for yourself every day and yet still find them unaccomplished because you have zero follow-through.

And let’s not forget the sense of dread you might experience when having to tackle tasks you’ve left to the last moment. While this trait may be seen in almost everyone, youths however are far more likely to resort to these “delaying tactics” due to their inclination to enjoying the moment, often done at the expense of other more pressing objectives. And what’s worse, if you don’t find a way kill this trait of postponing on your goals for good, you may experience an all-pervading sense of worthlessness for underachieving with your life in the future.

(6) You Are a Victim of Social Media Suicide

It’s not quite literally suicide, but depending on how you use the so many available social websites today, you may metaphorically be digging your own grave. Social media’s ability to give publicity to our personal lives has never been in question. In fact, its tendency to make our idle posts go viral around the web, is perhaps what has incentivized the rising trend of vote-pharming for “likes”, “shares” and “comments.”

And when we do get them plenty, it elevates us to a temporary celebrity status and puts us on cloud nine. While in this mad desire for external validation, a lot of people are throwing censorship out the window to posts whatever has the potential for “virality,” however unprintable.

And just as capable of getting us positive feedback, any “offensive” branded social media posts could create just that unwanted reverse effect: a festering pile of stinging negative commentary all of which can be injurious to anyone’s sense of self.

With one ill-advised post, a search for validation on social media can quite easily go wrong and hurt a young person. Because they are still in their formative years of developing strong personalities and a healthy self-image, teenagers may fall into the temptation of looking to this somewhat vicious social media communities for their sense of identity. The result, needless to say, can be a sudden death, but of course, socially and psychologically.

(7) You’ve Never Missed a Party

Party addiction

If you are 21 (or less) then you care a lot about being the life of the party. You’re either in one every week or having friends over for one. After a long hard week of work, nothing beats a night out partying with friends. It’s an amazing occasion: there’s more booze than you could possibly have, assorted games to try out, and that new heady hit singles to dance to. When in this infectious party spirit, you might want to get on the dance floor and wow everyone with that new dance move you’ve been practicing all week.

It’s so thrilling, you wish you could freeze the moment forever. But as good things come to an end, the euphoria dies down and you have to leave. But your spirit sinks and you want to stay behind and start it all over again. If you are a partygoer, this is a feeling you might have experienced severally. Unfortunately, those who have given in to this urge, have found themselves going from one wild party to another and doing absolutely crazy things.

More than the sickening hangovers, there are the nasty brawls, and then the horror of horrors – countless unplanned “sleepovers” with total strangers. When taken to extremes, there’s the other more dangerous scenario of experimenting with hard drugs just when the novelty seems to be wear off and having a ceaseless substance abuse problem. So much for partying though!

Seriously though, if you are a young partygoer, then enjoy yourself by all means but at the same time try and keep your hunger in check to avoid getting mixed up with these frightening vices. Potentially, partying too hard could be a waste of your life.

(8) You Live On Smartphone-Support

When the first phones were made, like all other innovations before it, the goal was to fast-track an immensely torturous communication system that was too reliant on trips to the post office and messages over fickle signals. From then on, this revolutionary piece of gadget has been on the path of endless improvement and endless upgrading. And then we had the smartphone, which was the last word in mobile tech.

On its launch it seemed the manufacturers had finally outdone themselves with the release of a gadget that had both elegance, simplicity and mind-blowing functionality that would surely enhance our lives in every way.

But on current evidence, it appears our use of this gadget brought us more harm than good. The way most people use smartphones these days verges on abuse. We cling to our smartphones as though our next breath depended on it. We are either constantly checking to see notifications, chatting nonstop even during meals or staring into them at small talks.

So many are getting disconnected from reality and it’s all down to smartphones. Like most addictions, an excessive user of mobile tech can be just about anyone, from your boss down to the office boy. But you’ll likely win a bet against today’s teenagers going 60 minutes without turning to their mobile gadgets. Because they just can’t! A recent poll reveals that at least a half of teens today say they are addicted to their mobile devices. Thebusinessinsider puts the average time teenagers spend before screens at 11 hours per day. That’s roughly half a day, and that’s a waste!

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