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Social Etiquette: Top 50 Unspoken Social Rules You Must Never Break Or You’ll Look Dumb

Ever heard of the social rules you must never break? If you haven’t, then is more than likely you’ve been unwittingly breaking these rules and that is perhaps the reason why you are so gutted at not being able to make new friends of your acquaintances – because you seem to use all the wrong conversation starters, pop the wrong questions and piss off your listeners within moments of meeting them (and this might have misled them into thinking you are dumb and not worth their company on account of a few social subtleties you couldn’t keep). The truth is that there are unspoken social rules that act as strictures on what you can say or do when meeting new people and when you don’t observe them, no one could stand being around you. These unspoken social rules like Robert Green’s 48 Laws of Power are ironclad and are a must for anyone who wants to gain social acceptance. These unspoken social rules are somewhat intuitive since they are not taught in schools, not even in the ivy leagues. So we thought we might share some of them with you today.

#1 Whenever you’re in a public place, like the theater or mall be silent and try not to talk. But if you must, keep your voice down.

#2 Whenever you’re out having dinner, try not to talk with a mouthful of food

#3 If you are over at someone’s else’s place and they tell you they have a lot of work the following day or that it’s getting late, it means it’s time for you to take your leave.

#4 Respect personal space

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Whenever you are talking with someone you just met for the first time, don’t try standing too close to them, this would mean violating their personal space and this is something people don’t take kindly to. Be careful your body doesn’t touch theirs.

#5 If there’s a sudden awkward silence when having a conversation with anyone, try not to point this out. Instead, either end the conversation or keep it going. Pointing out this fact makes the situation embarrassing for the other party.

#6 This one is for the guys trying to start off a conversation with any pretty lady. Never ask a lady if she’s pregnant unless she is thy partner or wife. Otherwise you might get a scowl.

#7 if at a public place or anywhere else someone holds the entry or exit door for you, don’t leave them hanging there if there are more people coming. Instead thank them and man the door and then pass it to the person behind you.

#8 This is specifically for guys. If you sat are at any place and a lady is left standing because all available seats are taken, let her have yours. That is how to be a gentleman. Do the same for an older person, pregnant woman or small child.

#9 If someone hands you their phone to mind for a minute, try not to read their private messages for any reason. This is very rude.

#10 If someone shows you a picture on their mobile phone, don’t swipe for other pictures. There are almost certainly images on there you definitely shouldn’t see.

#11 if you have to give anyone money, hand it on to them, don’t put it down or on the counter.

#12 Don’t leave your religious views on anyone’s post or timeline on social media for any reason. If there’s a post of theirs that disgusts you, either unfollow or in extreme cases “unfriend” them. Always remember that not everyone shares your religious views.

#13 Never fart out loud when you are with others. Last time I checked people still had the right to unpolluted air. If this an habit of yours, it’s high time you snapped out of it.

#14 Never make a pass at a lady you just met unless she shows some signs of interest. Act otherwise and it could be sexual harassment.

#15 Never text or chat with your smartphone whenever you are in a conversation with anyone. They will think you are stand-offish and do not regard them.

#16 You take home pay is something that should be kept secret. Do not reveal this to a friend or colleague unless it’s necessary. People may think you are being arrogant when they discover your salary is bigger than theirs. It might also invite envy and jealousy. This goes too for bonuses, pensions and other investments.

#17 When you are in an argument or debate with anyone, do not use such words as “certainly” or “absolutely” unless they are supported by facts. You don’t want to appear dogmatic.

#18 Don’t ask a wealthy person you have just met socially just how wealthy they are. Unless of course, you are in it for the main chance. They might think you are some nosy gold digger.

#19 Don’t ask a woman you just met her age or how much she weighs. These are social taboos. A woman will die before telling you such sensitive information. Some withhold this from even their own husbands and who are you in comparison..

#20 Ah, don’t ask a stranger about their sexual orientation. Pretend it’s none of your business. Not everyone is comfortable having such conversations.

#21 Never use a topic in politics or religion as a conversation starter with a stranger. Often this might lead to an argument and you might end up disliking each other

#22 If you are invited to a friend’s house party, offer to help them clear up the garbage at the end. Don’t be an ingrate by running off.

#23 Give advice and buy a foe.

Unless anyone specifically request for your opinion or advice, never offer them, or people will take offense. It’s unbidden!

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#24 When shopping at the mall or supermarket, put things right back where you found them.

#25 If you are out to dinner with anyone and your food arrives first before others, wait till the others at the table get theirs. It’s rude to start eating right way.

#26 Learn to address people you just met by their names. Learn to remember names as this triples your likability to strangers.

#27 Whenever you are in a hurry and you get stuck in a traffic jam, try to keep your cool and resist the urge to honk your way through it. It’s the most annoying thing ever.

#28 Never speak in your local or regional language with anyone if there’s a third person on the scene who wouldn’t understand it.

#29 If you are invited to an important event, be kind to your host and avoid giving them offense. If the meal you are offered tastes bad, you shouldn’t make this known to them for any reason.

#30 It’s rude to cut anyone off or finish off their sentences while they are still talking, even if they are talking nonsense. Always hear everyone out, it’s disrespectful to do otherwise.

#31 Always form or join an existing queue in public places. You are not being clever jumping queues.

#32 Offer your assistance to someone if they are struggling with something you can help them with.

#33 Try to treat people nicely even when they don’t deserve it. It shows people your class!

#34 Don’t make plans with other friends in front of friends who aren’t invited.

#35 Don’t pick your nose in public. If you absolutely must, find a quiet place to do it but please don’t eat it.

#36 When you are eating, keep your mouth closed while chewing. This will also ensure you don’t talk with food in your mouth.

#37 When you are at a public or crowded place, don’t take calls on speaker phone. Don’t make those around you unwilling participators in your private conversations.

#38 If you are in a pair or group walking, don’t block paths and sidewalks.

#39 Don’t toss your trash on the ground or out the car window. Wait till you can find a waste bin.

#40 Making eye contact while riding the train or bus is awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Avoid accidentally locking eyes with a stranger in close proximity.

#41 Whenever you bump into anyone by accident, apologize.

#42 If you are unsure whether a person is standing next in line, ask them. Don’t be the line cutting jerk.

#43 If you smoke and there are others around you, don’t blow cigarette smoke in their faces. it doesn’t make you a real badass but plain dumb.

#44 If you manage to succeed at anything, don’t brag about it. Stay humble always.

#45 Never ask strangers you just met personal questions to avoid hurting their feelings as this can also irk them. Avoid asking questions like “why aren’t you married yet?”, “why don’t you have kids” or anything else along these lines.

#46 If you ever borrow a friends personal belongings, ensure you return it as promised. When it’s a friend’s car you borrow for personal use, refuel the car when returning it.

#47 If someone whether a friend or an acquaintance offers to pay for your meal at any restaurant accept the offer but the next time you are out with them return the favor – courtesy requires that you don’t impose on the generosity of your friends.

#48 If you come from an affluent background and you are eating out with anyone from a humble background, don’t always offer to pay on their behalf (even if your are Santa Claus for generosity). It might hurt their pride.

#49 If someone makes a howler in public let them save face. Drawing their attention to that fact might hurt their pride and possibly make them argumentative. If you have to do, let it be in private.

#50 if run into a longtime friend in the streets and notice an obvious change in their appearance, refrain from commenting on it or bringing it to their attention. It’s the same if they’ve gained extra weight. Pointing this out will wreck their confidence and make them even more miserable. I know you care a lot about others but this is one situation people wish you didn’t.

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