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10 Best Side Hustles That Will Make You The Most Money

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As the economy is shifting, you need to have legitimate and creative sources of extra income. There are opportunities available that people have been using for years now. – Franklin Gillette.

That’s is one of my favorite quotes on making money as it tells us why it’s such a blessing to have a side hustle that brings in extra income in the recession ravaged economy of the modern day, where jobs are anything but secure and wages are barely livable. A lot of us want the additional income so badly but not enough to quit our day jobs. And there’s nothing absolutely wrong with wanting to stay on your job even as you explore other sources of income. But isn’t that what a side hustle is about? It lets you make that much needed extra income either part time or during your free time without having to ditch your primary job. The internet has more side hustle ideas than you can count, but not all of them are worth your time. That said, there are still a couple of them that you could make a lot of money running by the side, enough to make you consider leaving your day job for good. Today, we’ll be running the rule on some these well-paying side hustles. Read on for more.

(1) Don’t Throw Away Used Stuff Anymore.

Just as our eco-friendly movement has made the recycling of waste an imperative, in the same way the latest clarion call favors the reuse of our old items over outright disposal. So if there’re things at home you might consider “old” and are ready to dispose of, you could sell them instead to bargain hunters looking for used stuffs at a price. Even hand-me-downs are worth a lot of money in the market nowadays. Given this, it’s now possible to start a rewarding side hustle selling your used stuffs for good money. Just look around the house for things you no longer use: could be old apparel, gadgets, tech, appliances, books, or anything else. Sites that let sellers list used items for sale include: Letgo, Sell, Craiglist, Poshmark, and Mercari,

(2) Get Paid Driving Your Car.

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With the scramble for limited parking spaces at its record high in our major cities and public transport being so inefficient at times, so many are now turning their attention to the more personalized cab services offered by rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft for their daily commute. Recently, there has been a massive surge in the number of riders patronizing such services leading to more calls for drivers. Specifically, it’s to those who have got a neat ride and a clean driving record. Pay is good if not enticing and there’s a flexible schedule that allows you to sign in and off as you please. It’s a side hustle that seems to involve picking up passengers in your vicinity whenever you’re available and dropping them off at various destinations. And then you get paid, usually on a weekly basis. Your pay is often calculated on a mileage system using an app that keeps track of the miles and minutes you spend on each drop. Drivers working for these rideshare companies earn anywhere from $150 to $360 dollars per month.

(3) List Your Flat For Rent With Airbnb

Do you own an apartment? Are you kind and hospitable? If affirmative, then you can absolutely turn your place (or a part of it) into the perfect getaway for travelers and tourists. Airbnb lets you do just that. You could make between $250 to $500 dollars renting out your rooms to guests on Airbnb. Be sure to post good images of your house to attract well-paying guests.

(4) Get Paid Watching Videos.

If you’re one of those screen-addict with a passion for binge-watching everything appearing on TV, from your favorite TV shows to online trailers and everything. Then it’s about time you started putting that passion of yours into good use by getting paid for watching videos. Sites that pay well for this. You’ll find a lot of these video-watching gigs on sites like Nielsen Digital Voice, Perk.tv, Paid2YouTube, Viggle and Inbox Dollars.

(5) Develop Apps

Since the dawn of smartphones they’ve been such a hit and these days, there isn’t anyone without one. But as handy as they might be, it’s the addictive apps in them that really make them come alive. The market for smartphones has become quite competitive as demand has skyrocketed with manufacturers like Apple and Samsung being so hot on each other’s heel in hurrying to release their latest flagships on a half yearly basis now. In similar vein, hordes of users can’t seem to be getting enough of the apps, with new app categories being added to the stores each day to give consumers more choice. So how can you benefit from this? You guessed right! You could make your mark on the rising smartphone revolution by making paid apps for iOS and Android smartphone users. You’ll need some programming skills though to do this. But even if you don’t, you could still hire a programmer to do it. To know what apps to make, do a survey asking users what apps they want but aren’t having. About 16 – 19% of iOS and Android app developers are said to be making upwards of $5000 per month. And More than a half oft beginner app developers make about a tenth of that figure per month. Time to roll out that killer app.

(6) Get Paid Reviewing Sites.

In the world of business, it’s said the customer is king, as the only businesses that thrive get the more patronage and sales from customers by simply concentrating on providing customers with the best experience possible so they’ll come back demanding more. It’s the ideal model for business success and as result, nearly all companies hunting for success are seeking more ways to improve their products for better user experience. And what better way to evaluate user experience than request for reviews from the very users.  Most newly launched web based businesses are utilizing this and queuing up each day to have users pass verdicts on their products. If you can find the time, there’s a wealth of opportunities for you writing reviews. Pay is modest if not decent. Sites like Reviewme, Usertesting, Shared Reviews, Rate It All and Sponsored Reviews are just a few places on the web to start making extra income.

(7) Drop Shopping

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Drop shipping is the prevailing surefire model for online business success with a supremely irresistible appeal for low cost retail merchants looking to start an online storefront without the hassles of purchasing inventory and shipping out orders. Instead, you work with certified drop shipping suppliers and list their products for sale with images on your own online store or blog. And once you get an order from any customer, you place an order for the product with your Dropshipper who ships them out directly to the customer from its warehouse. What makes Drop shipping a no-risk venture is obviously the fact that you don’t tie up your money purchasing products upfront and not selling them. Rather, your drop shipper keeps the products in stock while you only contact them to ship after receiving an order and the buyer having paid the purchase price. You make profits Drop shipping by taking the payment for the listed sale item from your buyer and make the order from the wholesaler at a reduced price. This is really a lucrative side hustle. Our guy at Johnnyfd says he’s been making about $90,000 dollars annually Drop shipping.

(8) Teach English

The world is pretty much going Anglophone as English is fast becoming the language of both business and professional people around the world.  Fluency in English isn’t only regarded as the widely accepted means of communication but is equally believed to enhance ones career and broadens ones horizons at the global level. And with more and more non-native speakers embracing English as their second language, its demand gone right through the roof with English Majors now much sought after. And not only English Majors, but anyone with a good command of the language is still highly wanted. So if you fall in the latter category, you could make money taking online English classes through ESL sites. Sites that offer online English tutoring gigs are: Vipkid (pays as much as $2000 dollars/month), Cambly ($20 dollars/hour), and goFLUENT (pays $24 dollars/hour).  

(9) Work As An Online Transcriptionist

Although transcription work is a highly skilled service usually provided for specialized occupations like law and medicine and in some cases businesses, there’s still room for unskilled beginners to make some dough working in general transcription courses in your free time. The usual job description involves transcribing audio files into text.

Rates vary though from company to company. Some pay per hour, line or even per line. And according to Thepennyhoarder, you could make as much as $25 per hour as an online transcriber. Ashlee Anderson of Workfromhomehappiness who had also done this side gig in her recent article has revealed about 19 transcription jobs online for beginners.

(10) Article Submission

If you have a flair for writing, you could make a lot of money, even enough to live off monetizing that passion of yours. There are now several top sites willing to pay freelance writers for the articles they submit. With this side hustle, you’re always a click away from earning your next cash. And there’re little to no hassles involved. You can write articles on just about any subject – travel, fashion, health and fitness, tech or lifestyle. But it’s often best to write in a niche you’ve a passion for. That way, you’ll never lack writing ideas or run out of steam. Sites abound to submit your articles and do differ by niche. Here are a few:

eCommerce Insiders: pays between $75 to 125 per post.

Travel and Leisure: pays roughly a $1,000 per article submission.

Income Diary: pays $50 to $200 per post.

Thepennyhoarder: pays $50 to $100 per guest post

The Motley Fool: Pays $50 to $100 per post.

Listverse: Publishes list articles and pays $100 per post, if accepted.

Uxbooth: Pays $100 for each accepted post.

If you’ve got other side hustles you’ve done to make extra income, kindly share them with us below.

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